Telephone keypad with contact prediction for your Pocket PC

EZdial comes to help pocketpc phone users in dialing a contact in a much easier way, faster and conviniently, using predictive text technology.

Main Features:

  • EZdial is a smart dialer which extends the phone utility
  • EZdial uses a smart predictive text search - with max of 3-4 clicks on the screen you can dial your contact
  • Vibrate feedback in every press of a button for better and easy use
  • Using the GREEN send key to launch and dial using EZdial
  • Languages support for 7 different languages and the ability to add even more
  • EZdial uses the default phone platform, so you can still use any feature you want

The new, smooth, easy on the eye design which makes the usage of EZdial much easier and faster. EZdial is integrated fully into the default phone, just like not using any other 3rd party software.

The interface is clean and easy to use, featuring EZdial logo in the phone screen so you can disable it whenever you want.



EZdial 1.01